David McCallum Music Recordings

Here are David's four instrumental music albums, plus some extra links and tunes.

Conductor: David McCallum. Arranger: H.B. Barnum. Producer: David Axelrod.
Compositions by David McCallum are bolded below.

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 Music: A Part of Me

Open Channel D

Capitol Records, 1966

A1 1-2-3
A2 Turn! Turn! Turn!
A3 The "In" Crowd
A4 A Taste of Honey
A5 Yesterday

B1 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
B2 We Gotta Get Out of This Place
B3 Downtown
B4 The Far Side of the Moon (by David McCallum)
B5 Louise (by H.B. Barnum)
B6 Insomnia (by David McCallum)
B7 The Sugar Cane (by David Axelrod)

Music: A Bit More Of Me

Capitol Records, 1967

A1 Uptight
A2 Michelle
A3 Batman Theme
A4 Call Me
A5 Isn't It Wonderful (by David McCallum)
A6 My World Is Empty Without You

B1 Five O'Clock World
B2 The Shadow Of Your Smile
B3 It Won't Be Wrong
B4 Far Away Blue (by David McCallum)
B5 The Edge (by David Axelrod)
B6 Final (by H.B. Barnum)

CD compilation released by Rev-Ola in 1996
Includes Music: A Part of Me and Music: A Bit More of Me as well as some separately-released singles.

Download the CD (zipped file of .mp3s)
Liner notes/interview with David (PDF)

Singles - Vocals
1 Communication (by McCallum/Barnum)
2 The House on Breckinridge Lane
3 In the Garden - Under the Tree
(by McCallum/Webster)

4 My Carousel
"Music: A Part of Me"

5 1-2-3
6 Turn Turn Turn
7 The "In" Crowd
8 Taste of Honey
9 Yesterday
10 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
11 We've Gotta Get Out of This Place
12 Downtown
13 The Far Side of the Moon (by David McCallum)
14 Louise (by H.B. Barnum)
15 Insomnia (by David McCallum)
16 The Sugar Cane (by David Axelrod)
"Music: A Bit More of Me"
17 Up Tight
18 Michelle
19 Batman Theme
20 Call Me
21 Isn't It Wonderful (by David McCallum)
22 My World is Empty Without You
23 Five O'Clock World
24 The Shadow of Your Smile
25 It Won't Be Wrong (by David McCallum)
26 Far Away Blue (by David McCallum)

27 The Edge (By David Axelrod)
28 Final (by H.B. Barnum)

Music - It's Happening Now!


Download album, converted from LP
(zipped file of .mp3s)

01 A Man And A Woman
02 If I Were A Carpenter
03 Louie, Louie
04 Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
05 Winchester Cathedral
06 I Can't Control Myself

07 Who Am I?
08 Cherish
09 Carnegie Ball (by David McCallum)
10 On A Weekend (by David Axelrod)
11 Alfie
12 House Of Mirrors (by H.B. Barnum)

Download album, converted from LP
(zipped file of .mp3s and album art)

01 98.6
02 I'm A Believer
03 Mellow Yellow
04 Penny Lane
04 59th Street Bridge Song
06 Strawberry Fields Forever

07 California Dreamin'
08 Mercy Mercy Mercy
09 B.B. (by H.B. Barnum)
10 White Daisies (by David McCallum)
11 Oh My! (by David Axelrod)


Three Bites of the Apple - soundtrack and album artwork - GeorgieSmith Mediafire Links

Around the World Under the Sea - soundtrack - GeorgieSmith Mediafire Links

More Cool Stuff

This isn't a "complete" list, but here are a few of my favorite randomly David-related favorites. (Links lead to .mp3 downloads. Please right-click and save).

Two fun musical snippets from "Man from UNCLE" episodes, thanks to GeorgieSmith:

David sings on "The Wind in the Willows" audiobook recording: Toad Came Home

Here are some cool external links:

PopularSong.org has a good write-up on McCallum's music.

David Talks about his music: An .mp3 of an interview from "The Silver Platter Show," July 1967. (From David McCallum Fans Online. Check out more on their Sounds Page.)


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